Monday, 11 March 2013

Connect your Mac to DET NSW Network Printer

This is another solution which took myself and the amazing Regional Support guy a lot of time and effort to figure actually took a few months of thinking, trial, error and frustration to arrive at a solution.  

Before you begin ensure you have handy the IP address of the printer you're trying to connect to.

  1. Open the ‘System preferences’ menu
  2. Click on the ‘Print & Scan’ option
  3. Press the ‘+’ symbol then Add printer or scanner
  4. Select the ‘IP’ option (at the top of window) ***
  5. Protocol needs to be set to ‘Line Printer Daemon – LPD’
  6. Enter the IP Address of the printer in the ‘Address’ field
  7. Click the ‘Use’ menu
  8. Click the ‘Select printer software’ option
  9. Locate the printer model in the list and ensure to select the second option listed
  10. Click ‘OK’ then ‘Add’ then ‘OK’ again
  11. Open a document or browser and press the ‘Command + P’ keys
  12. Click the ‘Show’ details
  13. Locate the drop down menu titled Safari and select the ‘Job accounting’ option
  14. Click ‘User Details Setup’ option
  15. Click the radio button for ‘Always use default user details’
  16. Change the ‘Job owner name’ field to be ‘enter owner name’
  17. In the ‘User ID’ field enter the code used for the copier
  18. Click ‘OK’ and you’re ready to print
  19. Save the presets as "Black and White Copier" or whatever you will remember the printer by.  That way every time you print to that particular printer you will be prompted for a password without having to perform steps 13-->18!!
Please note that the ‘Accounting’ settings need to be saved as a preset in order for them to be remembered for future printing jobs

***If "IP" is not visible hold down control and click on the window/toolbar of window and select "customise toolbar".  Drag down the "IP" menu item so it is in the toolbar.


  1. Hi,

    Any ideas as to how to connect my macbook to the DETNSW wireless?

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    1. Hi Please see the latest tutorial. Information in there should help you.

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