Tuesday, 19 March 2013

DET NSW Email Configuration on iPad/iPhone/iPod/Mac Mail

I finally figured out how to add my DET email address using ios Mail app....this will also work on Mac Mail.   So now my Mail on my Macbook Pro checks my DET email address as well as my iPad and iPhone.  So much more convenient than having to log into my DET account 10 times a day!!

Here are the instructions: 

1. Tap “Settings” in your home screen

2. Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”

3. Tap “Add Account…”

4. Tap “Microsoft Exchange”

5. Enter in the following details”
Email: Your DET email address
Password: Your DET password
Description: This can be whatever you want…ie “Work Email” “School Email” “DET Email” – anything.
Tap “Next”

6. In the next sceen all you will need to enter in is your username and the server.
Your username is your DET ID BUT put @det at the end!!
Username: detid@det
Server: mobile.det.nsw.edu.au
Tap “Next”

7. Account details will be verified, if you have entered all details correctly each box will be given a quick tick then the next screen will load!!

8. Turn them all on.
Tap “Save”

9. There is your new email account.

10. Tap “Mail” from your home screen.
It will take 5 minutes to populate with all your emails etc.  Just be patient. 


  1. Thanks Rachelle this was a great help

  2. Fantstic. However I cant get it to work via an android device. Is there an optiob for these devices?

    1. Hi Sam, there is a guide here: http://www.nswceg.org.au/wiki/nswcc/DET_email

    2. I have nexus 5 wit handroid 5.1.1. work a dream after mush frustration previously with android 5 and 5.1

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  4. The server "mobile.det.nsw.edu.au" does not work on mac mail

  5. Thank you, Rachelle. That worked on my Mac desktop. (June 2015)

  6. this is actually the best guide! had lots of trouble but this helped a lot ;) thanks!

  7. This was perfect. Thank you so much.

  8. Does anyone else have the issue where emails say: This message has not been downloaded from the server. ?

  9. Hey clever people out there, how can I use the VC software on my computer? I have downloaded it but not sure on how to actually connect to a room? I have a number like 600023602 but it doesn't work? Any clues? Michael