Monday, 11 March 2013

Mac accessing DET NSW Drives from DET NSW Network

Connecting to DET Servers

This took me & one amazing guy from Hunter Regional Support a lot of time and effort to figure out.  

1. Ensure you’re in finder

(you can do this by clicking anywhere on your desktop – the menu bar will say “Finder”) 

2. Hold down the keys Command K

 command + K

OR Click on “Go” "Connect to Server"


3. To access the school's faculty drive:

Enter in the server address for your school’s Faculty drive.


replace <schoolcode> with your school's 4 digit code.

Press Connect or “Enter”

This will mount the drive on your desktop. 

4. To save the server as a Favourite, click the plus button.
The connected server will mount on the desktop just as an external Hard Drive would. 


5. To access your personal drive on the server put in the following address:


Eg: smb://2532dip000sf001/staff/

*****When you are asked for your user ID and password it is your Network ID NOT your User ID******

Your password will be your usual det password.

Your personal staff folder will open in a new window.  It will not mount on the desktop as a server.


  1. Hi Rachelle,

    I haven been trying to do this for a year now!!!

    I tried the above method last week, as it worked perfectly for adding the drives to non-det windows laptops, and when I try it on a mac (using the exact same method you did) it asks me for my registered-user username and password. I have tried "username@detnsw" and just "username", and the login box just shakes, rejecting the attempt...i feel like im very close to figuring out how to do this since you have!!

    So how do you get past the username/password thing? or does yours work straight away? Sorry for seeming wayyyy to excited about this, I've just been trying for sooo long hahaha

  2. Hi Matt,

    Your username and password is probably the issue. It is your NETWORK ID NOT your usual DET username. eg my usual DET username is firstname.lastname, my network id is rgriffin8 (for example). To connect to the servers on a mac you must enter your Network ID as the username. The password will be the same. If you need help finding your network ID then look it up in SMU or log into your staff portal and click on your name (top right). You will find your Network ID under the heading "Network User". Use that. Please tell me how you go!!

  3. haha you have no idea how long i was sitting and staring at that problem for! Thanks so much for your help! You're the best!

  4. Hi,

    I am in a similar boat. I was on snow leopard previously, but apparently it didn't have support. I am now on Mavericks, and I can see the main network drive but I can't access any of the folders. I get an error stating that I am not authorised to view the folder's content.

    I managed to get access for a brief 5 minutes this morning, but when I disconnected and reconnected, the connection never worked again.

    Any ideas? I am happy to send you my email and I can send screen grabs.



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  7. I'm stuck at the enter your password screen